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Ene 25, 2017

Law School

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Criminal Subprogram Code, 1973, S.2(g) – Query – “Every inquiry, differently a trial, conducted infra this Code by a magistrate or court” refers to the pre trial query. (Pritish Vs Commonwealth of Maharashtra) 2002(2) Sad Court Cases 174 (S.C.)

Criminal Process Code, 1973, S.2(g) – Enquiry – Run – Interrogative is defined by section 2 (g) as ‘every examination, differently a trial’ – Run not defined – Trial is clearly distinguishable from enquiry – Run is distinct from interrogation and doubtfulness mustiness always be a forerunner to the exam. (Moly Anr. Vs. Land of Kerala ) 2004(2) Criminal Court Cases 514 (S.C.)

Outlaw Performance Code, 1973, S.2(g) – Examination and interrogatory – Distinction – Tribulation is hard-hitting from question and inquiry moldiness constantly be a foretell to the run. (Vidyadharan Vs Nation of Kerala) 2004(1) Criminal Court Cases 516 (S.C.)

Criminal Functioning Cypher, 1973, S.2(h) – “Investigation” – It includes all the proceedings chthonic the Aught for the assembling of manifest conducted by a officeholder or by any individual (differently a Magistrate) who is authoritative by a Magistrate therein behalf – It ends with the organization of the impression as to whether on the material collected, there is a case to berth the accused beforehand a Magistrate for trial and if so, taking the requirement steps for like by filing of a charge-sheet under Section 173 Cr.P.C. (Coupler of India Vs Prakash P.Hinduja Anr.) 2003(2) Summit Court Judgments 205 (S.C.)

Sad Bit Code, 1973, S.9(6) – Court place trial at Jail premises – Such place not notified by High Court as smirch of sitting of Court – Held, in special lot Court of Sitting can grasp audition at a billet otherwise the one notified by the High Court. (Abdul Latif Vs Rudimentary Position of Examine) 2003(3) Distressing Court Cases 234 (PH)

Criminal Procedure Nada, 1973, S.24 -.