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How to Buy an Essay Online –

Nov 7, 2017

How to Buy an Essay Online

How to Buy an Essay Online Everybody knows what an essay is. It?s a standard high school and college assignment. It?s a pass into higher education as you?re obliged to write an application essay to enter any higher institution. There is a myriad of writing styles: descriptive, argumentative, narrative, informal, persuasive, etc. And there?s always a challenge that may lead you to a special type of essay ? a custom essay. Thousands of students buy custom essays yearly and never get caught or expelled or punished. Why? Because they know how to choose the right place to buy essays and how to tell a good service from some crap. Just follow this guide and you will learn to buy essays online like a pro. Quick navigation Custom Essay ? The Professor?s Nightmare When hearing about custom essays, educators usually freak out. They say it is cheating: “If you put your name on something you did not write, and you hand this over to your professor and claim it as your own, you are committing a deeply unethical and clear-cut act of academic dishonesty.” They say custom essay is a failure of educational system: ”The student benefits financially from outsourcing his paper. Who loses? Well, the student loses out on the opportunity to learn research techniques and skills
involved in writing a paper, of course. But mostly, it?s the current academic system and those who work in it who lose.” All of these moralities are boring, repetitive and no more convincing. Nothing new from year to year: all custom essays are crappy Pakistan sh*t, and you will get caught so there?s nothing better than writing an essay on your own. At some point, they may be right, there are a lot of scams around the web that instead of saving your butt can make things even worse. Keep reading and you will find out how to avoid those scams and choose the right service. Essay Cheating Is Ancient! Let?s dig into some history first. The history of what? Custom essay writing, of course. Yes, it does have the history and no, it didn?t start when the Internet appeared. Our grannies, grandpas, and those old fogeys who teach you not to plagiarize, bought essays back in the 19th century. History tells us about “paper reservoirs” located in the basements of fraternity houses. Otherwise known as “fraternity files,” these essay banks were practices in which students shared term papers and submitted work that had been done by other students. As early as the 1950s, advertisements were circulating college campus that described services that included ghostwritten work for dissertations, theses, and term papers. So, now you know that essay outsourcing has the history behind. Next evergreen question every student has: What is its legal status? Is essay outsourcing legitimate? Am I Being Detained, Officer? Though custom essay writing is considered unethical, the service itself does not violate copyright law. The thing is companies or individuals providing custom essays are legal copyright holders. The papers that they produce are not intended to be submitted as ready assignments. You can use them as the example of ideas, essay formatting, useful guides or reference material. In this case it is similar as going to the library and using works you find there to create your own one. Also, you can not redistribute custom papers to other students or let them make copies. However, it is not a secret that students buy essays to submit them as ready assignments. Still, there is no federal law against services providing essay writing. Unethical? Maybe. Illegal? No. Now that you know you are not going to jail for buying an essay online, let?s look at some options of where you can get the essay. So Many Options, So Little Time There are different options of finding the author for writing your academic work. For your convenience we’ve built the table with all the options available. Option Where? Pros Cons Rank Global Search independent writers, usually unemployed, who want to get some money by taking writing orders Anywhere on the web: 1. Personal blogs 2. Writing forums 3. Writers? communities 1. Prices are set by the writer and can be negotiated 2. You do not pay any additional fees 3. Direct communication with the writer is available 1. High risk of frauds 2. No guarantees of high service quality 3. No financial security 4. The search takes a lot of time Job Boards & Marketplaces registered freelance writers usually with some experience and work samples, working independently or for freelance agencies Check out the following sites: Freelance Writing Jobs Bloggingpro ProBlogger JournalismJobs Mediabistro Upwork 1. You can check writer’s portfolios 2. You can see reviews of previous orders 3. You can check writer’s rates 4. You pay after the work is done and you either like the result or ask for changes 1. No guarantees of high quality writing 2. Essays may be written by non-native speakers 3. Writers are not qualified in academic writing 4. You should pay additional fees apart from the cost of paper Social Media accounts and official pages of freelancers offering writing help Check social media threads on: 1. LinkedIn jobs 2. Facebook groups 3. Twitter – search for writeessay customessay buyessay 1. You can get full information about the author 2. You can communicate with the writer directly 3. Prices can be negotiated 4. No third party 1. No guarantees of service quality 2. No protection from scams 3. No financial security 4. No guarantees of plagiarism free writing Custom Essay Writing Services companies providing custom writing services for college students of different education levels See the list of essay companies and their websites 1. Professional writers with expertise in academic writing 2. Guarantees of quality 3. Secure payment systems 4. Ability to monitor order progress 5. Direct contact with service providers 6. Individual approach, custom written papers 1. Usually pre paid service (with the ability to ask for refund) 2. Higher prices 3. There is a chance you will need revisions, so you should order paper in advance 4. Writers are not always contacted directly so you will have to communicate via 3rd party (support managers) Every option has pros and cons but analyzing each point you can see that the option of custom essay writing service is the least risky and the most beneficial. However, it is only true when you choose a good quality writing service. So, now we move to the part of choosing the right service. How To Choose A Writing Service All essay service providers can be divided into 2 types: 1) Companies with one site 2) Companies with multiple sites There can be different reasons for one company to create more than one website. However, EssayScam is warning you to be careful with such companies, as they may be trying to escape bad reputation they got with old domains by creating new ones, changing names and fooling the clients with fake location and contacts. Below you may check the list of the companies to see the examples of both service provider types. LIST OF THE COMPANIES AND THEIR WEBSITES See the list of essay companies and learn more about their location, main services, prices and overall level of service quality. If you are interested in one particular site and want to check if we have information on it, please type the domain of the website in the search string below. Check the The Signs Of A SHITTY Service About Us page is missing (Are they so shy or so fraud that they don’t tell about themselves?) No address/Fake address (You can easily check the address with the help of Google maps and if you get suspicious ? do not make the order) Grammar mistakes on home or any landing page (Seriously? These are the writers offering their high quality service?) Poor design (that’s the matter of taste though) Low rates per page (lower than 15 per page) No pricing at all False reviews and fabricated customer rates Example of bad essay service site The Signs Of A GOOD Service Genuine information on company and the team Support available by phone, email and contact form Fluent English (You are looking for native speaking writers and the service which can provide error free essays) User friendly design (so that you could find whatever you want) Transparent pricing system (you have a right to know what you are paying for and how much the service costs) Writing samples or free drafts available (so that you could estimate the level of writing skills) Credible testimonials Secure payment, different payment options How To Make The Order So, you’ve found the company you want to order essay from. Good, but no time to celebrate yet. Finding the service is only 50 percent of success. Another 50 is completing the order process. When making the order you usually have to register and provide your personal and order details. Be attentive at each step of filling the order form so that you don’t miss any detail. Be sure to specify your academic level. Provide the whole title of your essay as it goes in the prompt. If your essay prompt is ‘Reveal the philosophy of Hamlet by his affectionate love to theater’ do not write ‘I need the essay on Hamlet’ otherwise the essay will not meet your expectations. If you have any materials the essay should be based on ? provide the writer with them. If you don’t have the materials but their use is required ? be sure to specify it in the order. Specify the formatting and style requirements (MLA, APA, Chicago style, etc.) If you have any other specific details, requirements or comments ? include them right away, or it will be too late after the order is submitted. Unless it is an essay emergency, order papers in advance, so that a writer has enough time to write and polish your essay, submit it before the deadline and provide changes on your request. If you order application essay, provide more details about yourself and the college you are applying for, as it should be used in writing. If you have any samples of your previous writing ? provide them along with your order so that a writer can copy your writing style. This will minimize the risk of being caught. Essay Delivered ? What’s Next? When you receive the final version of your paper you have to check it before approving the order. Here is the basic checklist: Check the formatting (font, spacing, margins, title capitalization, page numbers, etc). Read the text. Check if there are three main parts of essay ? introduction, body, conclusions. Check if the author uses transitions between paragraphs. Check if the author uses evidence to prove points and reveals the main idea of the essay. Proofread the text for grammar, spelling mistakes and typos. Check if author meets every guideline you have specified in the order. Check if references are included and if the author uses credible sources (No Wikipedia!). Analyze if the essay is written in the appropriate style (according to the type of essay you requested and your academic level). If you are satisfied with each and every point in the checklist you can approve the order. If you want the author to make some changes ? request for a revision. Be demanding and do not accept the essay if you are not satisfied with the quality. When Something Goes Wrong… If you follow each step of the guide, you are most likely to end up with good written stuff and no troubles. But there’s always a small chance that something goes wrong, like: 1. The writer doesn’t meet your deadline Advice: Ask for refund and always have a backup plan, so that if the writer lets you down you still won’t fail with your assignment. Order essays in advance to have time to complete the paper yourself or hire another writer. 2. The writer submits absolute crap Advice: do not ask for revision. It will be a waste of time. Ask for refund and start searching for another service immediately. 3. The company doesn’t give you refund Advice: If you followed the tips and chose the service carefully you will get your refund. If there are strong reasons they don’t want to give refund, try to negotiate and get benefits in this situation (discounts, free editing, etc.) 4. The paper fails plagiarism check Advice: ask for refund and never work with this company again! You do not want to order the service that sells plagiarized works and puts you under the risk of being caught. 5. You can’t contact the writer Advice: if you have a message to the writer or want to know about the work progress ? contact support (which should be available 24/7) and ask for the information or assistance. Support should explain you the reason you can’t contact the writer and make sure your message will be delivered. LEARN MORE ABOUT ESSAY WRITING COMPANIES Now let’s get to the fun stuff by picking essay services to pieces and seeing what the biggest companies have to offer.